Monday, August 25, 2008

Plastic Man

I'm a lucky girl. My hubby works in plastics manufacturing. The company he works for is a distributor and fabricator of sheets, rods and tubes of plastic. You might see his work hidden in the current modern architecture craze, in groovy store displays, lighting fixtures, on bus stands, taxicab dividers, museum exhibits, zoos, etc. 
And in almost every room of our house. 
Here is just one of many plastic shelving units I commissioned through him. The process goes something like this: 
Me: "Sweetie? We need a new shelf in the basement."
Sweetie: "How big?"
Me: "About THIS big, and THIS wide."
The result: A solid and sturdy, clear or frosted shelf unit that doesn't darken a room! And it makes the objects on it look as though they float on air.
How cool is that?


Krissy said...

I want a plastic man :)

Murray said...

Too, too cool. Love that shelf!

Mrs.French said...

flippin' cool!

Anonymous said...

yeah but then yah hav to DUST it!
(can u guess who?)