Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Alphabet Series: Cap D

This just in from my dear friend Lex. 
Aside from having the super-powers to bend peppers at will,
she has the power to get all 4 of her children to sit quietly at her feet during storytime. 

And she made this awesome game of concentration for my varmints. 

Did I mention she has 4 kids? 
You rock, Lex.


Mrs.French said...

This is how I dream to be one day and I only have one! Oh and I am loving the pepper D!

Murray said...

So she has the power to control children and nature, pretty impressive. I think she's a keeper!

Elena said...

Would Lex put herself on the list of "people we want cloned"? The pepper is bowing to you. Its at your service.

Krissy said...

looks like a fun game!!