Monday, August 11, 2008

Moody Monday Revisited

Just yesterday morning, I actually complained a little that I had no 
rain pics to post for moody monday. 
I'm thinking that the universe heard me loud and clear. 
Here I was, on my way to do the usual pick-ups and drop-offs, 
when I see the sky turn black.
Most people would see this, and scurry straight home. 
So, I grabbed my camera, abandoned my car and ran straight to the beach.
Here it comes. Can you smell it?
The boats are all pointing north.
When the first bolt of lightning hit I was out of there. 
(Interesting side note: I just looked up the word "lightning," wondering if it's spelled "lightening," with an "e." The definition of Lightening: 
Not to be confused with a discharge of atmospheric electricity, lightening refers to the sensation that a pregnant woman feels when the baby drops. 
This is the time when the presenting (lowermost) part of the fetus descends into the maternal pelvis.) 

Here I am, waiting out the storm with Christine, in her driveway. 
Can you hear the universe laughing?

When we all got home, there were piles of the funny stuff everywhere.

Here's a handful, right here.

This one was really refreshing and tasted great!

Inside my house, the crew was already at work, cleaning up the bodies and 
mopping the basement floor. (if only.)
That universe is SO funny.


Krissy said...

oh man! I would totally head for the beach too! gorgeous photos :)

Murray said...

Oh no! Hope the water didn't destroy anything down there.

design for mankind. said...

Oh goodness--- hope everything is ok!!!

And I love moody Mondays. :)

porter hovey said...

Ohhhh . . . these are lovely photos!!

Elena said...

Yikes - sorry about the basement. What beautiful photos. Remember the smell of wet concrete? And animal print bathing suits? (Uh...not their smell, per se)

pve design said...

Oh - gorgeous smelling rain!
Nature giveth so much and taketh away too-
So sorry to see your basement.
Hope it is all better now.

Megan Coyle said...

Wonderful photos, the storm makes the sky look like there's a big bonfire going on and the smoke is just blending into the sky.

Fifi Flowers said...

I wish we would get some rain... that sounds lovely! That's some big hail!
Thank you for the The Good Year window suggestion... you will have to pop over and see if the window comes into view... not sure which day I will be posting Good Year... Friday or Saturday.

Paul Pincus said...

this was fantastic. love the blogger clip : )

ps this is off topic but i get the feeling you could turn out one helluva amazing children's book through your words, photographs, etc.

instant classic!

heidi said...

Lissen Paul, I admire you as well, but I'm STILL waiting for you to post a pic of your mom ;-)

nadia said...

I love the sound clip i do. I had a similar experience this summer on our way strawberry picking!

That definition-wow! never read it before.

Lucky said...

oh wow - you have a RAIN category on your blog! a blogger after my own heart! i love your rainy day / moody pics!