Saturday, February 14, 2015

Homage in Plainview

It was a privilege and a treat to be invited to rummage through
the childhood home, of my friend Lou.

One of the first things that I look for, is
the work station.
The breed of people who make,
fix and sew things are becoming extinct.
Here, was every sized screw, bolt,
and tool needed to keep the house running.

And old coffee cans, filled with parts.
(Raise your hand if you remember Hills Bros coffee.)

Rubber bands... string... jars, nails...

This was a family that took pride in keeping things in order...

Travels labeled by year and destination.
(Iran and Israel in 1977. Hong Kong in 1976.)

1970's kitchen bulletin board, intact.
(Mostly pinned with humor... necessary
for any family being raised in the 70's.)

Here is the precursor to the digital reminder.
(Invented by Lou for his Mom.)

Also in the kitchen: Antique spices!
I love seeing the graphics of old tins and bottles
from back then.

In the dining room, I was able to feed my teak habit
with this selection of servingware.
(the covered teak bowl is hand-carved.)
Danish salt and Pepper shakers from Gimbels: $4.99

And I have my eye on this gorgeous couch...

 There were notes, carefully written with detail
about the history of family heirlooms. 
(Scolding MY parents for not thinking of this...)

Each note had a story.

This was built into a nook in the hallway.
It's hard to describe.

The perfect pink bathroom.

Boy box of secret things...

Old school game graphics...

Hubs had these model cars too.

I had one of these tin banks, and I can remember
exactly what it felt like, and sounded like,
filled with pennies.

 Lou's Dad worked on the World Trade Center,
and was there when it was born.

There were beautifully designed electronics:

And bottle collections...

A Fire Island Ferry schedule...

Crayola Sixteen Pack from the 1960's.

By some bizarre coincidence, Lou's family had the same everyday silverware that I had growing up. I promised I would take good
care of it... filling in the pieces from my own handed-down set.

 Thank you Lou, for sharing your home and your history...
I hope that by me capturing these small pieces of it,
it will be preserved in some way.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Estate Sale: Wallace Markfield

Here is the latest from my never-ending fascination with Estate Sales. Having been through this with my parents, it intrigues and concerns me what families leave behind.

 This was a man with TWO Typewriters.... a famous author perhaps? Playwright? Journalist?

Author!! I googled it. Here's the NYT Obituary:

Wallace Markfield, 75, Writer With a Humorous Sarcasm
Wallace Markfield, the author of ''To an Early Grave,'' ''Teitlebaum's Window'' and other satirical novels that earned him critical praise as a Brooklyn literary descendant of James Joyce, died last Friday at a hospital in Roslyn, N.Y. He was 75 and lived in Port Washington, N.Y. (click the link above to continue reading the New York Times article.)

Oh the irony...


 He and his wife, Anna, had one child, a daughter. I imagine she used this vintage Viewmaster on long car rides to lighthouse destinations....

Here is her baby seat. First one ever?? (Excellent condition)

This same child was later sent to sleepaway camp, with a trunk and a list:

She was probably around my age.... a busy little lady, doing her phonics, listening to WABC & WPLJ.

Sunday morning countdown with Casey Casem.

But she left behind this pic of (Her Dad?) for the Estate Sale.

Here he is on his Bar Mitzvah Day.

Here's his High School Diploma.
And his Junior High School Diploma.

They had the SAME Zenith black & white TV that we had at our house. I wonder if Wallace & Anna would scream down 3 flights of stairs for their daughter to come up and change the channel. (Not asking for any particular reason.)

I adored this print. (Didn't buy it though.)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Morning Estate Sale: Marian & Jimmy McPartland

This Jazz Royalty couple lived and died in our town...

Margaret Marian McPartland, OBE (née Turner;[1] 20 March 1918 – 20 August 2013), was an English-American jazz pianist, composer and writer. She was the host of Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz on National Public Radio from 1978 until 2011. (read more, courtesy wikipedia)

The Estate Sale was today. (but the lines to get in were long.)
So we took a walk around the block and saw this Mark 1 Yellow Mustang.
And this Red Chevy Impala. Hello Gorgeous!

THIS is the room that most people were interested in... it had an intense vinyl & cassette collection that spanned the decades.... some were autographed.

I was interested to see this Miro in person...

And this Don Kassel. (He did album cover art for so many artists)

"High As a Kite" by George Wettling 1952

My Friend Terry went back to swipe this beauty...

Piles of collateral about their life's work.

 (I have piles of collateral too, but IT IS MY LIFE'S WORK.)

This room was haunted by all-nighters from the past...

I could have spent all day thumbing through these old music mags...

1967 Down Beat: the 32nd Annual Reader's Poll.

I came home with this, after all that.

 Thing 3 asked me what it was, and I said:
"It's an ashtray."
He said:
"What's that?"