Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Morning Estate Sale: Marian & Jimmy McPartland

This Jazz Royalty couple lived and died in our town...

Margaret Marian McPartland, OBE (née Turner;[1] 20 March 1918 – 20 August 2013), was an English-American jazz pianist, composer and writer. She was the host of Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz on National Public Radio from 1978 until 2011. (read more, courtesy wikipedia)

The Estate Sale was today. (but the lines to get in were long.)
So we took a walk around the block and saw this Mark 1 Yellow Mustang.
And this Red Chevy Impala. Hello Gorgeous!

THIS is the room that most people were interested in... it had an intense vinyl & cassette collection that spanned the decades.... some were autographed.

I was interested to see this Miro in person...

And this Don Kassel. (He did album cover art for so many artists)

"High As a Kite" by George Wettling 1952

My Friend Terry went back to swipe this beauty...

Piles of collateral about their life's work.

 (I have piles of collateral too, but IT IS MY LIFE'S WORK.)

This room was haunted by all-nighters from the past...

I could have spent all day thumbing through these old music mags...

1967 Down Beat: the 32nd Annual Reader's Poll.

I came home with this, after all that.

 Thing 3 asked me what it was, and I said:
"It's an ashtray."
He said:
"What's that?"

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time Traveler

Always hanging out at train stations near you...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love it.

Loving the graphics, branding & marketing for this online store.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


My Mom... with her Mom, tasting the turkey.
Inspired by the holiday, (but mostly by Maggie at I dug up a cherished memory of Thanksgiving past...
     In the beginning, there was toast. The smell wafted up to my bedroom on the morning of the day. The toast would lead to the stuffing and the turkey... and the long games of Scrabble while we watched it cook. My Mom cooked the stuffing INSIDE the bird. We ate it. We lived.
     And my fondest memory? Sneaking back into the turkey the next morning, and spellunking for juicy bits of forgotten stuffing between the ribs.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Bird and a Starfish

I'm one of those people who look for the symbolism in everything.... for example, squirrel road kill right in front of my path: "wrong decision ahead" or " it's SO not worth killing yourself for that damn nut."
     Today when I saw this lone sea gull proudly showing off a starfish in its beak, I instantly wondered what was up. (As an aside, I was walking past it with 2 other people, and neither one noticed. The fact that I SEE things like this all the time is a topic for a different day.)
     I went through the symbolic possibilities in my mind: "That check I've been waiting for is finally coming...."   Or  "My dead Mom is SO proud of me."   Or   " If you have a rare gift, you should flaunt it."  Or  "Remember when the kids used to watch 3 hours of Spongebob a day?"
     I could go on....