Saturday, August 16, 2008

6 Things

Gah! Tagged again... this time by Murray, over at studiodomestique. 
Who can resist sharing 6 things that bring happiness?

1) My family. Hubby & the 3 varmints are a constant source of the purest joy. More specifically: Eating tuna fish on crackers for lunch with Thing 1, playing uno or rummy with Thing 2, walking with my son, hand-in-hand, down Main Street. 

2) Creating art. For myself, for someone else, for work.

3) Eating great food. Here are some (a fraction of ) incredibly delectable places to eat in NY. Some  are upscale, some are hole-in-the wall joints. Manhattan: Hangawi, Nobu, Japonica, Souen, Café Asean, Sacred Chow, Burritoville (yes, a chain) Pearl Oyster Bar.  Queens: SriPraPhai, Natural Tofu, El Shater, King Chef, Pop Diner, Akiyama. Brooklyn: Taro Sushi, Franny's. (I know there are more, but can't think of them right now) Long Island: Mama's, Sea Cliff Coffee and Sushi Company, Besito, La Piccolo Liguria, Kotobuki, Baked to Perfection.

5) People-watching. Can't you tell from my photos that I'm a little bit of a voyeur?

6) Going to the beach. (any beach)

Guess who gets tagged next? Elena and Nadia. Tell us 6 things that make you happy. And everyone else, feel free to leave some happy things in the comments below!


Fifi Flowers said...

I think you summed up what I would say for 6 things that bring happiness! Love the photo collage...
Have a great weekend... Fifi

Murray said...

Yeah!! Thanks for playing along ;)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

fantastic--this just goes to prove are..wonderful...

nadia said...

Oh My goodness! love your happy things!