Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The mood today is:
If only.


Krissy said...

pretty! what kind of flower is that?!?
I'd love to curl up with a book next to a window with rain beating on it and take a nap :)

heidi said...

It's the flowers that bloom on the trees in the playground. I don't think this tree blooms every year. The varmints climbed the tree, picked the flowers, and took them all the way home for me.

If anyone knows what it is, do tell!

Mrs.French said...

I can tell exactly how you are feeling today based on this pic...and oh how I love this sweet photo!

Krissy said...

aw. How sweet of them :)

Paul Pincus said...

i just stole your beautiful photograph for my image bank ; )

i hope you were able to take that nap!


heidi said...

Paul: i'm flattered you swiped my pic. PLEASE promise me that if you use it, you'll crop out that thingie in the upper righthand corner. I'm far too lazy. I mean BUSY ;-)

Fifi Flowers said...

very pretty! I was tagged to play some info game... so now I'm tagging you... if you haven't already been tagged and would like to play along, pop over and see the rules... or just pop over and say hi

heidi said...

fifi! Thanks for tagging me (i think)
Hey, you have flowers in your name... do you know what kind of tree has these flowers??

Fifi Flowers said...

Unfortunately, I don't know what the name of the tree is... a nursery would know... take the flowers to one or email the photo to them and then report back so we all know. The tagging part will be painless... enjoy!

stacy said...

I love these.

The Lil Bee said...

What a pretty picture. That's my mood, too.

heidi said...

To All: they are flowers from a Dogwood tree.
To Mrs. French: THANK YOU.