Thursday, June 5, 2008

GAH! I've Been Tagged!

fifi at has tagged me. This is my first time, so please be gentle....

1. What did you do 10 years ago?
In 1998 I was getting ready to unveil my redesign for ARTnews Magazine. I was living in beautiful historic Greenwich Village, and spending my summer weekends on Fire Island with a great group of creative people.

2. 5 items on your to-do list Today
1) Take Thing 1 & Thing 2 to the bus stop.
2) Take Thing 3 to preschool.
3) Work on logo for client, postcard, folded brochure.
4) Local Networking Lunch at sushi joint. (I highly recommend networking lunches AND sushi joints!)
5) Buy Ice Cream Pie for tonight's kiddie dinner dessert.

3. Snacks I like...
Hummus with hot sauce & tortilla chips, guacamole, wasabi peas, chili lime peanuts, cherries, peanut butter & banana, chocolate chips right out of the bag, fritos, pineapple, watermelon.....

4. What would you do if you were a Billionare?
I would do marketing & graphic design gratis for non-profit organizations, & volunteer at our local NICU. I would also pay off the mortgage, & travel ALOT more. I would love to be in Greece right now.

5. Places I would live-
Right here in Port Washington, NY. But I would also have a beach house or cottage overlooking an ocean, and a town house in the West Village. I'm a serious New Yorker who would love to travel the world, but would always want this to be my home base.

Ok, that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Now it's YOUR turn... would all of my (3 or 4?) loyal commenters please asnwer one of the above questions in the comments below? Much thanks!


lola olivia said...

1. ten years ago i was a sophomore in college at the university of oregon. actually, i was probably home for the summer before junior year and doing a lot of surfing and waitressing on the oregon coast.

2. i worked one of my two work days a week today, i snuggled with my ten month old, i went to the bank, i borrowed a grill brush for our grill to get ready for a bbq this weekend and i'm about to clean the kitchen and snuggle my baby again.

3. snacks include mangoes, yellow bell peppers, m&ms, and waffles from the walk-up coffee and waffle stand in our neighborhood.

4. i would be living in portugal and vacationing in bora bora right now if i were a billionare.

5. places... see number four. although after living all over the country, i love living here in portland, or.

Mrs.French said...

I did this one deary...your answers are much more enjoyable than mine! Oh and can I come over to your house for snacks?

Octavine Illustration said...

loved learning more about you!~

okay, i'll play:
snacks i cream, pie, this artichoke jalapeno dip you buy at trader joe's (do you have that on the east coast?), greek olives, peanut butter, and dried pineapple.

heidi said...

Lola: i forgot to put mangoes on my list!
Mrs. French: you are always welcome in my house :-)
Octavine: YES, we have TJ's here. That's where i get my thai chili lime peanuts!

Krissy said...

Great answers! So nice to learn more about you. I'm right there with you on being a billionaire, only my first choice would be Ireland :)

Who me? said...

Well I agree on the sushi and network lunch since I crashed it with you--great time and good sushi.

10 years ago-- married , two kids, in-laws living with me, working where I'm working now. Now= divorced, two kids, still working but way happier.

Don't know what I'd do if I was a billionaire but I wouldn't be at work and it would be wonderful to figure out what to do. In fact did anyone win lotto this weekend- maybe I did?

My list for today--new air conditioner filter stuff. Boy is it hot. Wish we could all meet at the pool and eat some of that watermelon and wasabi peas you mentioned.

Maybe I'll start my blog which will cover life after divorce (yippeeeee) and cooking, because let's face it--it's all about the food.