Saturday, May 31, 2008

Socrates Sculpture Park

On Friday, Hubby & I were graced with a rare treat: a personal tour of Socrates Sculpture Park, in Long Island City, New York. You would think that I would have finagled this one, me coming from an art background, etc....but NO, it was all because over the years, my hubby has provided materials for many of the artists that exhibit there. I have never seen him more proud than when he sees his own name next to the word "thanks" on an artist plaque.
Much gratitude to Alyson Baker, Tara Sansone, Lars Fisk and the rest of the group at Socrates, for a tasty lunch, and an indepth tour. And to their many dawgs, of all sizes, shapes & colors, who run the office, while the staff is busy changing the face of Long Island City & the entire art world.

The current exhibit is called: Waste Not, Want Not.
May 4 - August 4

The following works were made largely from found, recycled or abandoned materials.
Isn't this gorgeous? I would love this in my own garden. It's made from discarded wood doors.

Look! An abandoned shopping cart, cared for in it's own environment.

Here's the view of the Manhattan Skyline from the water's edge of the park, along the East River.


Marie Louise said...

Looks like cool exhibit - is it permanent? I love the inlaid door pieces. Would love to do something similar in my garden although wood would probably rot - might try another material. I am trying to figure out where Long Island City is. Above Green Point?

heidi said...

ML, Long Island City is next to the 59th st. bridge, on the Queens side. There is a Summer Solstice event coming up this month... i'll send info soon.

design for mankind. said...

OMG what a powerful message.

Mrs.French said...


Krissy said...

What a great exhibit. I love the one with the house and fence :)