Monday, May 5, 2008

Woody Watch

Woody Woodpecker Bubble Watch, circa 1972.
(my very first watch)
I'm not sure why I can't find these on ebay. Either A) they are totally worthless, or B) This is the last remaining one to survive the 70's.


Mrs.French said...

I think you should keep it anyway and condsider it worth at least 1 million dollars.

Murray said...

Woody Woodpecker reminds me of being home sick from school. Haven't thought about him for years. If it's not already worth a million dollars, it will be in a year or two, but your $2 bill will still only be worth $2, so go buy 200 Swedish Fish (do they still only cost a penny?).

Octavine Illustration said...

i love it. and it's in such great condition. i still have both my strawberry shortcake "gold" watch with matching "gold" pendant as well as my mother's original alice in wonderland watch. you can't find this on ebay because no one who still has theirs would ever sell...much too fabulous (i definitely think you should start sporting it again..)!~

heidi said...

Octavine... I'd LOVE to see the Alice watch!!!
Murray: i dunno if i'd go for the swedish fish. Maybe some pop rocks, or wacky packies? ;-)