Thursday, April 30, 2009


Some late but much felt thank-you's....

Thinking I might frame these, 
or the varmints will have their way with them.
Bunny bunny!!!

Thanks Magpie...
These lovelies match the 
avocado floor in my circa 1960 kitchen. 
You will ALWAYS have a place to crash in PW.

Thanks for the shawl Mina!
 I know you have a crush on the Hubby, & I still love you anyway.
Maybe it makes me love you a lil bit more.


pve design said...

did I miss your b-day or some such celebration?

heidi said...

no special occasion... just random gifts!

Joyce said...

I think somebody won the jackpot with fabulous gifts and an armful of treasure friends. Enjoy! xoxo

Magpie said...

You're welcome. It wasn't my mother who made them; I don't know who did. They came out of my grandparent's house, and have been stored at my mother's for, oh, fifteen years. But I'm glad to hear that they go with your kitchen floor!

And Mina's shawl is divine.

Jo-Ann said...

Is that the Easter Bunny I see?

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh, that Mina!

You've got a lovely array of swag there.