Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ernie Wins!!!!

When it came time to judge my Faboo Giveaway Contest, I decided to consult an expert.
Elena, who is one of my dearest friends from childhood, works in Non-Profit. 
She oversees all the private and government grantwriting 
and contract compliance for  *the Greyston Foundation. 
Here is what she wrote:

"I like the sitter from PVE Design. Considering that "Ernie" is a sitter and cleaner, she may not have the same opportunities and resources as some of the other contestants.  Also, because of the nature of her work - non-unionized and no professional organizations to join,  - she is least likely to have health insurance and access to employment protections. She gets my vote!"

Congrats Ernie!!!! I can't wait to begin the design process!!!!
PVE, please email me so that I can get Ernie's info for the card.
Thanks to all who entered,
and please stay tuned for more Faboo Giveaways!

*Greyston Foundation was founded in 1987 by Roshi Bernie Glassman, a Buddhist Monk.  They support Yonkers residents on their path to self-determination through Child Care, Youth Programs, Workforce Development, Housing and Health Services for people with HIV and AIDS, supported low income housing for individuals and families, Community Gardens, and perhaps most notably, the Greyston Bakery, which makes the brownies for Ben and Jerry's!


pve design said...

Yah! Ernie will be thrilled! She is coming this thursday so I will be in touch with her info. She will be delighted! Thank-you!

Kwana said...

Yay!! I know Ernie. She is one of the coolest, kindest women in the world.

Joyce said...

Congrats to Ernie!! Will you share your final design of the card? Thanks for giving this wonderful give away. Enjoy!

Magpie said...

This is sweet. Ernie sounds grand. (As does Elena...)

Debra said...

Wonderful! I hope you show us Ernie's finished card.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

YAY ERNIE!!! That is so cool...can't wait to see what you do!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

YAY! Perfect choice.