Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shooting from The Train

This is a booming town called "Flushing."
You can get delicious dim sum here.

When you grow up not too far from Flushing,
you forget that it's a funny name.
I have probably had some of the best food of my life in this town,
and it used to have the best movie theater in the world...
a place where teenagers can play hookey & hide out in smokey balconies.
I think I saw the movie "Warriors" there.
Some other funny names along this same train line:
Manhasset (as in "That man has quite a set!")
Little Neck
Great Neck
Murray Hill

And of course: the Train House named Harold.


Frau said...

Never been to that part of the names.

pve design said...

What I love about you - is that you always go to "great neck's" to bring us away to "far hills."
Love dim sum.

Krissy said...

wish I was playing hookie at this very moment! maybe i'd go there... anywhere but the OFFICE!

priscilla said...

My sister works at the Queens Museum and has lunch from restaurants in Flushing every day. The variety blows my mind.

Janet said...

mmmm, dim sum! Will you take me there?!

the president of our company is Harold :-)

Magpie said...

Harold. I have fond memories of Harold.

Cheryl said...

Names can be funny. I have a good one for you that always makes me laugh when I see the exit sign on the higway - Big Bone Lick. I kid you not! It's a large park in KY.

Elena said...

Flushing...former home of the Jolly Joint, the 5 & 10 (Woolworths, I think), and Alexander's. I saw Quadrophenia at the RKO Keiths. A spring popped out of the seat and tore my jeans!

G-Ro said...

Caldor! Oh how I miss you.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Don't forget Flatbush, where my people are from. That's the funniest name of them all. When I went to Jamaica in college they tought I was making it up!

I'm dim summed in Flushing and you're's as good as it gets.

susan said...

I'm leaving a comment on an ancient post, having dropped by via Magpie's link today, and then I got sucked into your archives for a bit. Just had to comment here b/c this post is bringing back fond memories--I grew up on Long Island, as a young kid always wondering why people advertised planes to Jamaica in winter when it was such a close train ride away. And then in college, people used to laugh at mail I got that had been postmarked in Hicksville, which is a funny town name, but it took strangers laughing at it to make me see it.

Anonymous said...

Manhasset, well now, we know where your mind is ;)

Anonymous said...

Manhasset, well now, we know where your mind is ;)