Sunday, February 21, 2010

San Francisco: Part One

We took the varmints to San Francisco for a week.
It was a big b-day for my big bro and uncle no-no nuts, and we also wanted to visit my sis, who lives north of there.

There were so many things to see,
that I couldn't possibly get it all into one post.

When we got there, it looked like this:

In fact, every morning looked like this.

Then it would clear-up like magic, & look like this.

After being stuck under 2 feet of snow, it was a welcome sight.

We thought it would be really hard getting the varmints
to adjust to pacific standard time...
it was the sunlight that saved them.

And also this spinning time machine,
which they literally spent HOURS in.
(please excuse my thumb.)

There were trees blooming, and flowers growing everywhere.

It seemed like a dream.

We did our share of touristy-type things...

And we walked for miles and miles, on city streets
and through deep woods.

The littlest varmint called this the "Darth Vader" house.

This week I'll post more about the rest of our trip,
The San Francisco Zoo, The Charles M. Schulz Museum,
and how the Georges Briard fairy came to visit me
the day after we came home.

Now if you'll excuse me...



pve design said...

I am glad you did not leave your heart there.
I cannot wait to hear all about your visit.

Katherine said...

What a wonderful post! Sounds like you had a great trip. Looking forward to more.

Krissy said...

happy bday! looks like a great time :)

Janet said...

lol welcome home!

Nadine @ BDG said...

I may have to install a spinny thing in my backyard. Could save minor fortune in babysitting! Great pics and LOVE the DV house!

Elena said...

That littlest varmint has quite an eye.

modernemama said...

Darth Vader window rocks

G-Ro said...

Uncle no-nuts? I prefer the gorilla making an editorial comment.