Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Day...12/20/09

So many faces in the snow...

Currier, Ives & Herbert.

A change in direction.
Perhaps too late.


...on pins & needles.

A selfless act...

Temporary suspension of varmint status.
(granted for shoveling Mina's steps.)

Great job, #1!


Anonymous said...

the truly amazing thing is that the varmint took it upon herself to dig out mina.

modernemama said...

Snowy awesomeness - must get one of those balaclava things for The Guy

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Aw...#1 dug out Mina! That's pretty awesome.

Do me a solid and ship her to the shore next Nor'easter! :-)

And I love Currier, Ives and Herbert!

Kwana said...

Wonderful pics and great job varmints!

Renovation Therapy said...

"Currier, Ives & Herbert."


I need to bake something for Mina.