Friday, December 18, 2009

NYT Help Wanted, 1989

The frigid weather & threat of a weekend snowstorm
has me looking inward once again. Last winter, some of
were the most commented on, of all my posts.
This time, I'll start gently, with a help wanted ad,
saved from the New York Times.
How would my life be different today,
had I gotten this chic job?!
Where is the person who labored
over these tightly writ sentences?
Are they still creative directing somewhere?
Or have they been one of many lay-offs in the past 5 years?
Maybe they quietly slipped away to an upstate farm?


milly (elephants&redwoods) said...

I love the reference to "rare bird"...I wonder how many people think THEY are a rare bird. As part of the "me" generation, I bet it is a lot of us!!

Magpie said...

That's friggin' poetry. I love that ad.

pve design said...

dream in type, now that would be the perfect job for you...

Krissy said...

love this, but the best part for me is the bottom - "handwritten note". Now that's classy :)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

That is among the most classic classified text I've ever read! Sounds like an episode of The Office. :-)

julie king said...

i love everything about this ad, but especially the fact that they requested a handwritten note. the idea of creating the note really sparks my creativity. thanks for sharing!

visiting you for the first time from willow's blog!