Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Journal Excerpt: Assistant Art Directing in1987

The production end of graphic design was
so drastically different back then.

When I graduated from Art School, I was hired
as the assistant art director, at Success! Magazine.
One of my responsibilities was to "order the display type."
Back in the day, headlines & decks were
set on a machine called a typositor.
Lettering Directions is the company we used,
and some sassy lady named Fran
was my contact there.
Sometimes she would say things like:
"Ach, we're so busy today, people are waking-up
from the dead & ordering type!"

Is Fran alive somewhere, dreaming of heads & decks?
Caps & Small caps?


modernemama said...

beautiful lettering - priceless memory

Janet said...

This post reminded me of my first boss when I started at Hanscom AFB. Her name was/is Kay Brennan and she was just an amazing woman! I heard from an old co-worker a few years ago that Kay was in a nursing home, where I hope she's the life of the party, still!