Friday, July 17, 2009

Team Varmint

Sorry for the sparse postings lately...
Big deadline, lotsa juggling going on at Chez Faboo.
The Varmints have been so supportive, checking in regularly,
and bringing me snacks & tea on home made trays.
This sadly makes me feel guilty, yet so proud to be their Mama.
The above tray, is actually 2-sided.
Varmint#3, who is 4 yrs old brought it to me this morning.
He said: "Mama, which side do you think has more detail?"


Renovation Therapy said...

LOL Someone's cop'ing Mommy's buzzwords...

Elena said...

Yay Number 3! He's got the eye? If he starts drawing the famous cat, let us know! xom

pve design said...

service with a smile.... :)

Anonymous said...

all the fixings for deep fried bagels!


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...