Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mina Update: 7/19/09

Some of you have been asking me how Mina (our neighbor) is,
so I thought I'd let you all know that she's AWESOME.
Especially for a 97 year old person who broke her hip last winter!
Which reminded me that I wanted to share this morsel with you...

One day, whilst sitting on her porch, 
Mina asked me if The Hubby had a sense of humor.
To which I responded: Of COURSE he does!
She said: I have something for him....
Then she hobbled up the stairs & came down with this towel:

Don't you just LOVE her?!

Plus, she leaves us notes on everything. Coupons, envelopes, newspapers...
Even toilet paper.


pve design said...

Mina has such moxie.
Gotta love her...please tell me you are making a book with all her notes and packages.

Joyce said...

I want to grow up to be like Mina! She is teaching me a thing or two from afar. Please let her know she is blessing to many.

Yes I agree with Patricia a book with all of her notes and packages would be wonderful!!!


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie! Yes, you should do a book of Mina's notes and photos of her packages.

Renovation Therapy said...

LOL!!! Love the towel, Love Mina.

Anonymous said...

She is cool. And great handwriting.

G-Ro said...

You do need to make a book of Mina. Seriously. She is a gem and needs to be immortalized in more than Bloglandia.

Renovation Therapy said...

I feel the need to sing "You're The Tops" to Mina. Please ask your hubby to do that in my place.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said... This may be the best Mina moment yet!!