Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th Weekend '09

We packed up our varmints & took them 
to the Berkshires for the long holiday weekend...

The trip up was rainy,

but the closer we got, the more things cleared up.

We stayed in a beautiful house by a lake.

The walls had eyes.

baby seal eyes.

Demon chihuahua eyes.

There was a traditional July 4th BBQ....

with the usual ratio of hot dog to dessert.

Lots of trees and flowers,
but this one was my fave.

Plenty of these....

and a bunch of really cool art at the Berkshire Arts Festival:

[ she was art, even if she didn't know it. ]

I LOVE these prints, but had a hard time shooting them in the sun.
Leo P. Donahue, Artist, printmaker.

Also fell hard for this resin coated coffee table, 
by artist Lara Moore at Bella Bella

but the booth I remember the most had these:

Antique tin people, made by Marcia & Bill Finks.
You can see more of their artwork here.

I have much more to blog about from the weekend,
but I'm being yelled at by the pile on my desk....
More to come soon!


Frau said...

Great shots! I love your boy and the flower he is a cutie! Tin people are way cool talk about a conversion piece. Looks like a great 4th!

Nadine @ BDG said...

I adore the prints and the resin table, but those tin people are too too much--

Bradford said...

The Area 51 alien head in the wall is my favorite. I can just picture you now...scouring that wall for the 'eyes'.

Magpie said...

OMG, I love those tin people. And my mother would have loved them too.

jae said...

all the art looks really interesting, but my favorite is the art in the walls...it's comforting to know i'm not the only one who "sees" things all the time. looks like it was a great weekend and i love how proud the cutie holding the flower looks.

Renovation Therapy said...

The tin people are awesome but it's the picture of the little guy w/ the flower that makes me swoon. So cute!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Demon Chihuahua Eyes...now in the running as the title for my autobiography. :-)

Little boy...OMG...I'd like to steal, er, borrow him! So darn cute.