Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mina News

Hi Folks...
I heard some sad news today... Mina fell & broke her hip while visiting in Queens.
The powers that be are now hustling to get her transfered to a hospital here, at which point I'll go visit her. I know she has no idea what a blog is, let alone that she has so many fans on my blog, but if you guys would leave her a kind note in the comments, I'll print them all out & bring them for her to read while she's recovering.
Thanks in advance,


Frau said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Mina's fall. I hope she is doing better soon my thoughts and prayers are with her.I love the picture of her reading with the girls her smile is just so ....makes you miss your own Grandmother or someone special like her.

Cheryl said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this. Mina, I hope you feel better soon! xx

Joyce said...

Dear Mina,

I am so sorry you took a spill. I am thinking of you and sending warm wishes.

I enjoy hearing about your notes you leave your special friends (Heidi and her family). Also how you touched and warm their hearts.

Get well real soon!

A friend from a far.

PS- A precious photo!

pve design said...

Mina, you rock!
You are the "hippest" gal to me.
Get home soon, Heidi needs you.

Pickle Horwitz said...

We've never actually met but from all that has been written about you, I feel like we've spent much time together. Here's hoping you have a speedy recovery!

pve design said...

I would love to make you some soup or something.

Kwana said...

Please get well quick, Mina. Sending happy healing thoughts your way!

Elena said...

Dear Mina,

Through Heidi we have had the pleasure of knowing you just a bit, and your warmth and kindess shine through.

Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery. You are in our hearts and thoughts and prayers!

G-d bless you.


Anonymous said...

Please get well soon! I miss your morning wave! With love and kisses,

Krissy said...

oh Mina, I wish you a super speedy recovery!

Debra said...

Mina~ You take good care and rest easy. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Renovation Therapy said...


Wishing you a very speedy recovery. I'm working on becoming Heidi's BFF so she'll bring me over to see you. I'll bring cake and tea.

PS I'm very silly.

glorisa said...


Hoping you get better soon... continue to enjoy the love and attention that surrounds you!

Fifi Flowers said...

Oh no! Mina... You must get better... we love hearing about you and seeing you on Heidi's blog. I wish you well... speedy recovery!

G-Ro said...

Mina, I send you love and sunshine and a speedy recovery all the way from California.

Julia said...

Oh Mina! You are such a delight and your love is so evident to Heidi and her family! Get better soon!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh, Mina! That's a tough break indeed!

I'm sure you'll be back on the couch and reading to the kids in no time. My bestest of wishes for the fastest of healing. Your fans are pulling for you!

Hugs to you from the Jersey Shore!

Lucky said...

Hi Mina!

Take very good care and please get better soon - you have too too many fans!!

Sending love and the biggest healing wishes -