Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mom's Art

 My Mom was always talented.
When we were growing up, she sewed every curtain,
bedspread and throw-pillow.
She sewed my jumpers and knit my sweaters. 
There were needlepoint tapestries that took her 2 years to do...
And the wallpaper in the playroom! She drew the entire thing herself.

Now that she is in her 80's and has Dementia, she has taken up painting.
I wish she knew how beautiful these are...


Janet said...

Her talent shines through :-)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Amazing pieces.....I wish she knew too! Thanks for sharing them....I see where you get your talent!

Anonymous said...

Make sure U get them in the will!

Magpie said...

lovely. really lovely.

pve design said...

Are they for sale?
I love the last one.
She looks like a rebel,

Vijaya said...

I am sure she does know. Maybe she can't communicate but I am sure she is aware. Lovely artwork. Thanks for sharing.