Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shooting from The Hip 4/28/10

All in one walk:

Pink Balloon Lady,
and Shakespearean Insult Gum.


pve design said...

ha ha ha ha - walks with you would be much more fun.

Frau said...

Wow that is a pretty lucky walk on a nice sunny day! Looks gorgeous out! Have a great day!

modernemama said...

I wonder what the insult was...

Elena said...


Heid, you sent me the Shakespearean Insult guide via email on 5/21/97. I still keep it on my desk!

Here is one little gem:

"Thou bawdy, flap-mouthed codpiece!"


Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of bait they use to catch balloon animals?


Shelle said...

hi heidi, i love your cell phone this a meme, i'd love to join in!