Tuesday, May 19, 2009


When I saw Magpie last, she brought me this:

because when I look at the weather vane on Main Street,
I always read it as "soon."

and even though the wind seems to change direction,
it hasn't changed "soon."


Magpie said...


Frau said...

Thats a good word for the day! Are you going to the gym today? Soon! Are you going to do laundry? Soon! I like it!

Ivy and Haley said...

I like soon. I also like "Now."

Sometimes it works well in conjunction with "not"

Example: Ivy, are you going to finish writing up your research report?

"Not now."

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Elena said...

I love that photo...so clean and streamlined. Soon. Isn't it funny how some folks just know the exect right thing to give you? Yea Magpie!

Joyce said...

I like the word "soon" very powerful in so many ways. A sweet post. Enjoy your golden day! xoxo