Saturday, July 26, 2008


This a note from Mina, who is 96 years old and lives across the street. Every other week or so, we do food shopping for her. In return, she likes to leave us treats by our door. This morning, she shuffled over in her pj's and left us this note, attached to a tupperware wrapped 3 times in saran wrap. Inside were madeline cookies & 3 chocolate covered maltballs. The note says:
Thank you for wanting to shop for me, but Ed called to take an order. Perhaps some dried prunes. I love them! P R U N E S.
Fondly, Mina

Don't you just LOVE Mina?

Here she is, reading books to the varmints.

...and 2 years ago, giving out candy on Halloween.

3 years ago, giving out candy on Halloween.


louise r said...

your mina is absolutely are so lucky...!

Mrs.French said...

I wish we had a "mina", we have "the yadies" and that is pretty fantastic too.

nadia said...

THis is so great!

Also I just recieved the book( i was away) thank you, thank you- my hammock awaits!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Mina is awesome. AWESOME! I think we all need a Mina in our lives. ;-)

Krissy said...

Aw! That's great :) What an amazing lady!

pve design said...

Oh, I have been trying to teach at our local community center some of the seniors. They always are so amazing to me! I love this post and your Mina is gorgeous! I am sure that your little ones love her.
Our neighbor's Mom turned 101 in March!

Paul Pincus said...

i love the first image/note. reminds me of alec soth's photographs of letters. it's tells us so much about Mina! it tells us so much about you! it's inspiring.

the second photograph is fantastic. your two are gorgeous, and both seem to have their own idea of how they want their image captured!

I can't believe Mina is 96! She's a beauty. Her sweetness is infectious. I'm sending this link to my mother who complains about EVERYTHING. I hope this post will have the desired effect!

heidi said...

Paul, please send me a pic of your mother! (or post one.)

Teal Chic said...

she is so cute! she doesn't look 96!!!! that should make her happy :)