Thursday, July 15, 2010

17. Again.

If I could open a window and be 17 again,
I would say yes, this time.
Maybe things would be different, maybe not.

What would you do?


Janet said...

I'd not eat so much junk food and have better colon health ;-)

maggie's garden said...

I think I'd not like to venture down that road again unless I could bring with me all the lessons the obstacles of my life have taught me. As tragic as things have been...somehow something beautiful evolves from the ruins of me strengths that being 17 again might not value as I do now. However...the thought of having my size 3 figure and good health as a 17 year old sounds wonderful!
Thanks for the thought tantalizing post!

Life As I Know It said...

Seventeen? Ugh, I do not want to return to the teen years...but if I DID, I'd work harder, study more, believe in myself...all the things you aren't able to do and appreciate until you are much older.

coldspaghetti said...

Break a lot more rules.

Anonymous said...

"I would say yes, this time."
The Q is...what did you not say 'yes' to first time around?
I want the juice!

Elena said...

I would have packed my bags, asked you to join me, and run for my f*cking life.

G-Ro said...

Funny, I'd say no!

svelteSTUFF said...

hmmm.... NOT change a thing.