Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Faboo Giveaway: Camp Rules!

Hey Peeps... my lovely friend Shelly from Fernella's Jools
has graciously offered-up a camp/sleep over pillow to give away!
These pillows are great to send to sleep away camp,
where all the kids can sign them at the end of the summer.
(each pillow comes with a marker)
They're also the perfect sleepover party favor!

Here are the rules to enter:

2) Choose your favorite pillow.

3) Come back here to leave me a comment,
stating which pillow you covet,
AND include your favorite funny, scary or
embarrassing camp or sleepover moment.

4) You have until monday, May 24,
when a winner will be chosen.

5) One entry per person, please.


p.s...Elena, you may NOT tell the story about the static electricity.
You CAN tell the story about us hiding in the boys campsite,
or the one about Channeling Thurman Munson
when he died during the 3-day trip to D.C.
Beth... please don't write about when
I slept at your house & woke-up in the wrong sleeping bag.
Gmo... oy.


pve design said...

Can I copy you cause I never went away to camp and I know nothing about sleep-away camp. I am told it is a "culture" - pronounced -"culcha" think round these parts. Growing up in KY, we were just plain campy all year round.
What fun pillows. I love the peace out pillow.

Cheryl said...

How fun! I love the rectangular peace pillow. And I did have one definite embarrassing moment at camp with girl scouts. I was probably 8 or so and went back into these changing room hallway....I swung open a curtain where one of my mom camp leaders was totally naked! She was a larger woman and all I can remember with shocked horror was an ample busom that was quite different from the flat-as-a-board mother of mine! It was all a bit too much for me at many levels ;)

G-Ro said...

What!? I had a cold in my neck!

Nadine @ BDG said...

So NOW I want to hear the static electricity story!

Elena said...

The static electricity story will go with me to my grave...sorry...loyalty reigns supreme.

But I will tell you this: Heidi once sat on the head of my Aunt's dog, nearly crushing the little thing. Fortunately, Heidi had a little tiny heinie and no permanent damage was done! xo