Monday, January 4, 2010

Crow Lady

Last summer, I announced a "win a free logo contest."
I wanted to walk the lucky winner
through making their own logo, but by the time
I got around to selecting someone,
I was so excited, that I decided to design the logo myself.

Katherine of the blog Becoming Crow Lady won me over.
Here's part of her email to me:
"I want a nice label for my herbal products (Crow Lady Herbals.) I have been wondering recently why I chose the name crow lady and i think part of it is the belief that spirit and magic are common, just like the crows we all see every day, instead of something rare and only for the few. I have made herbal products and medicines for many years. I make them as gifts and have never really sold them. I had hoped to be a practicing herbalist years ago; but I had to pay the bills so, instead, I went to nursing school and entered the medical world, becoming a labor and delivery nurse."

There were 3 reasons I chose her:
1) It's rare, that even my paying clients give me such
personal and beautiful descriptions of their businesses.
2) I felt connected to the project, in that my parents had
so through osmosis, I know alot about the industry.
3) I still feel EXTREMELY indebted to all of my labor & delivery nurses.
(that's a story for another time.)

As I began, the universe cooperated.
I started to see crows everywhere:

Here is the first round of sketches, in black & white:

This is the kind of response every egomaniacal artist wants,
when they get feedback on their work:

"Oh my gosh I love them!!
I am at work where I quickly printed them illegally and took them to the bathroom to admire them.
Wow, really amazing, Heidi! I only hoped they would be so perfect. Thank you so much for your artistry, sensitivity and skill! And your time, damnit! I feel very honored and thrilled."

Here is the final logo:
Katherine took the logo, applied it to her website,
and also brought it to her local Kinko's,
where she had it printed onto labels & tags.
It brought me such joy to see someone so deserving
get her wish, that I just might have to hold another contest
in the coming months.
Stay tuned!


Elena said...

Fantastic! Love that font.

Janet said...

Those are beautiful, you did a great job! My favorite 3 included the one she chose. I also like the one that goes in a straight line, with a similar font, and the one with the tree branch.

G-Ro said...

Well done! Gorgeous as usual. The bird on a wire thing is just so dang perfect.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Lovely job!! And thanks for sharing the whole story...loved it.