Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alphabet Series: No.9, Lowercase "a" or No.2

Some background on my Alpha Series Project...
It all started when I found a beautiful lowercase script e.
Then, to be fair, I gave this A some Attention.
It took on a life of it's own from there on in.
Since so many people responded to it, 
I began shooting & posting more "found letters."
Contrary to what Jane and Brad think,
to please my artistic sensibilities.
These are letters that jump out at me while I'm out in the world.
Having been a graphic designer now, for (ahem) 23 years,
my eyes are trained to see the shapes, serifs and positive space
that letters make. It's ingrained in me.

That said, there ARE times where I might 
flip or flop a photo to suit my needs. For example:
[Jean, avert your eyes]

Would this be a better No. 6, or No. 9?

...or a No.2.
...or a lowercase a?
I'll let YOU decide.


millie said...

very cool. definitely a 9.

--mk (aka @mrkdesign on twitter)

svelteSTUFF said...

a 6 and a 9... all in one... does it get much better??!

Frau said...

Love your alphabet series! You make me look for things when I'm out in nature. Too fun it a fancy lowercase a for sure!

Bradford said...

love the disclaimer:)

9 & a !

Renovation Therapy said...


Magpie said...

Honey, it's a lowercase "g".

modernemama said...

I'm with Brad (on everything)...

Elena said...

That is such a "2"! Its twoiness is so clear!

The Lil Bee said...

Interesting. A multitasking worm. My vote is a 9!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Lower case g? It's pretty it depends on what pages you have left to fill when the book comes out. :-)