Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things My Dad Taught Me...

Me & Dad, circa 1981?

1) To cap bottles left & right-handed.

2) Never let go of your beer, even when the boat capsizes.

3) That breakfast is the most important meal of the day,
and if you don't wake-up in time to eat your french toast, 
it's ok to wrap it in a napkin & eat it at the bus stop.

4) That the secret to making good french toast is 
poking holes in the bread so the egg soaks in.

5) Save plastic bags & plastic containers.

6) In Manhattan, the street numbers going up means you're going uptown.

7) He taught me that it's important to take time out of your busy weekend to go to Brooklyn & visit Grandma.
(and didn't it make her so happy when we did?)

7-A) How to wrap a gift perfectly using only 3 pieces of tape.

8) The smartest punishment for a very varmental girl is NOT to tell her she's grounded, 
it's to take her DOOR off the hinges.
(what's more important to a teenage girl?! and didn't that door go RIGHT back 
on it's hinges when bro brought a guy-friend home for thanksgiving?!)

9) And finally, the only piece of advice he ever gave my Hubby, which was at our engagement party: 
"Get your HAND off my daughter's ASS."

From Sis:
10) How to bake all the cakes and cookies in the easy bake oven

11) How to do a good days work

12) How to fold a box

13) How to make the best lunches, his tuna salad is 4 star

14) How to be patient
15) That I could be anything I want to be

16) To have a little "Sechel"
Save your money, If you don't put something away now, you'll never have it

From Bro: 17) How to drive--and it almost killed him.

18) How to work 7 days a week.

19) How to butter wet matzoh....not so easy!

20) Pancakes with blueberries.

21) Warned me not to get old or arthritis....too late!
And ditto about the cocktail parties and the indian riding the nickel thing---Mom didn't do those all by herself.

Scotty says:
How to change the oil on a car, fix a flat tire, 
make coffee, and pullin' fence (his daddy was a rancher.)



Anonymous said...

"Get your HAND off my daughter's ASS." ...oopsies

pve design said...

Happy Faboolosity to your Fab Father!

Anonymous said...

What a great Dad you have! Happy Father's Day to him. How do you butter wet matzoh? It was a challenge when I tried.

Kwana said...

These are some great things. So wonderful. Happy Father's Day to your Dad.

G-Ro said...

I've always loved that shot. :)

Megan Coyle said...

This is such a sweet post--I hope your father had a happy father's day!

modernemama said...

Fabulous. You have such fun parents!

Renovation Therapy said...

Love it. My Dad also taught me to keep hold of that beer when the boat goes wonky!

No door? OMG.

Elena said...

Hope Mr. Heidi's Dad had a great Father's Day. Heid - where di you have that pic - it is soooo familiar. On your desk during HS?

btw, my dad gave me two chunks wisdom: how to rob a bank (no kidding - sketches and all) and "there is no Bill of Rights in other countries."

Janet said...

what a GREAT list! What's his tuna recipe?

Bonbon Oiseau said...

hahahahahahahahaha! i love your dad.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

This is as good as your mom's day one! And # 9 literally made me LOL.

How faboo does Mlle Heidi look in 1981?! You’ve hardly changed a bit, kid. Apparently you can add another # to your list – “To be thankful for good genes.” :-)