Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Q&A: Patricia of PVE Design

Patricia, photographed by Elizabeth Belliveau

1) Describe who you are in 10 words or less.
Artist with a penchant for creating and inspiring an artful life.

2) Tell us what you do for work, and who you do it for, OR how you spend your days. (besides blogging. HA!)
I draw pictures all day long. I wake up expecting things, good things, the daily tasks of life provide routine and order which propel me to move ahead with projects. I wake up early. I walk my dog, plan meals, rally others, motivate them, structure my day, my week, my month and try to live in the moment. Blogging does not take up as much time as one thinks. If it becomes routine then it is like brushing your teeth. I also think it helps me to edit.

3) What organization methods do you use to keep all your bits and pieces in order?
On a spread sheet and a book titled "Eight Days a Week" An accordian file, boxes, baskets, and having a place for things clearly labeled. Sort of like canisters where one would find sugar, flour, coffee. Things need to be labeled and easy to find when you have to fit a lot into a day.

4) Share a defining moment in your life, which had a direct effect on who you are today.
A defining moment happens daily as our life shifts and the "befores" quickly become the "afters." It is always good to edit and to realize that the next person you meet, somehow has a direct effect on you. People, like my 3rd grade teacher, my art teacher, my family, my parents, my neighbors, all play vital roles in shaping each and every one of us. Take note and see how they define you.

 5) Please tell us the story of the biggest belly laugh of your life.
Recently at my sisters home for dinner with her grandson, all these gifts, and the best was this pump with long skinny balloons which you would pump and then they would "blast off" making these crazy sounds and even crazier landings...we were all belly laughing and it felt good. My sister said, that aisle has all
the best belly laughing producers! I am still laughing about that.

6) What work of art, creation, project, photo, etc. are you most proud of?
My list of projects....I just keep it in front of me and check it off as I go. Lots of house illustrations, blog headers, web artwork, and I really want to create some of my own things when the work load lightens. That is the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps me going. I am proud of that, the fact that I can be disciplined and know that I want to paint this or that.... whatever speaks to me...I look forward to that.

7) Which children's book influenced you the most?
Oh that is a hard one. I think Babar, Curious George, Madeline and I adore "Eloise."

8) What is your favorite pie? Favorite flavor Ice Cream?
Pie, oh that is another hard one....Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan, Lemon Meringue, Mince Meat, Chocolate, Key Lime, Chess Pie, Derby Pie, I would not say no to any of them with vanilla ice cream.

9) Which blog post of yours has had the most comments?
44, recently, when I posted a time out and a Lucille Ball photo. The personal ones seem to somehow touch many to leave a comment. That amazes me. Humans touching via the internet, all over the world.

10) What message would you like to leave for the world? (here is your chance)
Live with spontaneity - Do it today, because things change and you will never regret it. Send that note, make that call, paint it, borrow it, buy it, plant it, feed it, walk it, love it. Oh, and blog about it. You just may motivate or touch someone to do the same.


pve design said...

Wow, you made my day with this post.

Joyce said...

A verrrry nice post and interview!! Patricia you touch more lives then you know, I'm sure!

Courtney said...

Such a lovely interview -- and she has to be the most genuine, beautiful woman.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

Wow! Such wonderful answers! And a joy to read!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Clearly Patricia is way more together than I am. :-)

Great interview! I'm really looking forward to this series.

Cheryl said...

Nice! I love that photograph of her.

Julia said...

Oh so excellent! I loved her advice for the world especially :)

Kwana said...

I happen to pop over and look who's here. My friend! Great interview!

Octavine Illustration said...

i love to read about my favorite blogger!~ i could definitely use some tips on organization from her. and i love the message of spontaneity. i fully agree.

SimplyGrove said...

Fun post!! Patricia is so lovely!!!!

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High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I love this interview. Patricia is the best. Her work is amazing and she is just a great person all around. Her blog always reminds me to take a step back and a deep breath when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I loved learning more about her.