Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Last night before sunset, I caught a pic of this Mockingbird
next door, feeding it's babies.
It could be the Dad, right?
My Dad was the one who made me breakfast every morning,
and packed my lunch for school.
The Hubby makes the best pancakes ever,
in 3 different flavors for 3 different varmints, in one pan.
Both my Dad & The Hubby took their kids food-shopping
to make sure they got the right pop-tarts.

Happy Father's Day, you Forager & Feeder Fathers!
We love you!!
(More than we mock you!)


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Janet said...

Everywhere we went down the Cape a bird was there...the same type every time. We joked it was my father, keeping an eye on us and making sure we had a good time :-)