Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun with Bendaroos

These kept the varmints occupied for hours. 
I'm not sure why, so I'm just going to accept it.
$19.99 well spent.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lunch with Jane in the Rain...

We met for sushi, and were blessed with a window seat, 
facing a bird's nest where the mama was busy feeding her kids.
(see jane's birdie pic)

Though lunch was delish and the company divine,
I feel the need to show this pic right away, 
because it's been burning a hole in my brain...

I am in love with Jane's pool. Especially in the rain.
I could dive right into this picture.

The rest of the pics are ok... you know how I love shooting the rain.
But I bet anything, you'll be scrolling right back up to that pool.
(BTW: she knows the name of this flower.)

a flirty lounge chair, on a mysterious path.

a japanese maple.

I'll say eucalyptus for this one.
(ed note: from Jane:
Eucalyptus? No. It's either Sedum cauticola 'Lidakense' 
or some sort of Acer palmatum depending on which photo... )

frog & toad.


ghost kitty.

saving these for the next halloween party invite...


thanks for letting me visit!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Heartstrings House Tour

Here is another "corners of the house" tour.

This one in particular pulled on all my heartstrings...

The house is amazing in so many ways:
Architecturally, it is a work of art. The woodwork, 
leaded glass, the garden... you'll see it all in detail.

The way the sunlight thoughtfully makes it's way 
through the doors & windows...

I fell in love with these windows.
(and this radiator )

Then there is a level upon which the entire 
contents of the house is a work of art...
"I Spy Art."

I Spy a pair of tinfoil balls. 1 gold, 1 silver.

Then, on a deeper level, there is an 
emotional element that pulled me in.
There was family here, where 3 children grew up.

Those children are all close in age to me, 
so when I see things like these, it brings back memories:

An airplane made out of Gennie Beer Cans.
(Just so you know, this was the cheapest beer 
that a teenager could buy on Long Island in the 80's.)

"This certificate entitles the holder to 5 gripe-free munchie runs."
A timeless certificate, that's really useful, especially these days.

Here's a brilliant brochure on 
wear & care for your orthodontic head gear.
I see early influences of Milton Glaser & Peter Max.

REAL Silly Putty.

At one point, this house was ruled by an amazing and artful woman. 
I didn't know her, and I've only recently met her daughters,
but I can tell you what I see:
This was woman ahead of her time.

She slept here.

Look at how she collected & appreciated things of beauty.
And whimsy.
Someday, my kids will have to go through piles of tchotchkes
just like this, and they will mutter under their breath as they do it.
They will say things like: 
"What the fuq should we do with Mom's leaf skeletons?
It's not like we could keep them, OR throw them out"

Either way, there was one thing that was apparent 
as I made my way through this house:

This was a Mama that loved and cherished her kids. 
There was evidence of her encouragement everywhere.

I love the sewing/crafts room.
There are some Etsypians who would kill for this space
and all of it's contents.

Here are some more details from 
the bedrooms & bathrooms...

It's funny how some things find a home & just stay there...

A couple of gems from the office...

back downstairs...

In the pantry...

On to the kitchen...
I Spy something old, something copper, and something blue :-)

you can tell that BIG things 
went down in this part of the house...

I Spy a metal change dispenser. 
Was there a Good Humor guy in the family??

Then there's the oven.
It's the same oven we had in my kitchen growing up.

Look! It's 4:15. Time for General Hospital & Nacho Cheese Doritos.
(ed note: MJ is right... GH was over by then. HAD to be Edge of Night!)

I love the cleaning instructions... 

and the logo & type design, plus the pattern behind it.

Guacamole about to happen, any minute.

There were secret sneaky items like this everywhere.

Vows were taken here...

An outdoor collection...

A still life.

A flirty potting shed...

Looking up at the kitchen window.

Thanks for following me through this beautiful house...

And thank you Maggie & family for letting me in.

If you let me back, I'll help you sort through the single socks. :-)