Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

*Mom* Blogger

(from my pancake series, 2007-2008)

I'm designing some event graphics for an upcoming NYC tech show,
and one of the conferences caught my eye:

10:00 am-10:30 am: How to Work with Mom Bloggers
This panel of three influential mom bloggers will tell you how they like to work with CE brands. What works, what doesn’t work, and how they approach covering technology.

At first sight I took offense to the title.
It implies that we are a mysterious and persnickety bunch...
Difficult to work with.
Need to be handled.

Is this true??!!
Certainly we're no mystery. The whole world has seen our
rants and raves
, laughed at our poo stories
and kept us company through the
Long Winter of Too Many Snow Days.

I have spent 4 years being a woman + artist + mom + blogger,
and there are so many things I learned...

How being a blogger changed the way I mother.
How being a Mom forced me to slow. the. frig. down.
How it changed the way I see as an artist.

How I share what I see with my kids. And the world.
How I connected to other like-minded artists and moms,
and how having these people in my life make it richer on a daily basis.

I'm curious how the panel will say we approach technology.
If they ask me, it's simple:
Is it easy to use?
Can I click & send?
Is it durable?
Does it fit in my pocket?
Do I have to charge it more than once a day?

I'll be there, this thursday.
It's free.
Join me?
There might be goody bags.

It starts at 10:00 am.
Register on-site @ 7 West 34th Street.