Sunday, February 8, 2009

Art School Sketchbook: Napkin Art

I have alot of drawings on napkins from Art School. 
Because they were always around, and they were always free.
Free (or cheap) was key:
Gallery openings had free wine.
Happy hour had free food.
Museums were free on tuesday.
Lettuce & tomato sandwiches were only 40 cents.
Kraft Mac 'n Cheese: 4 for a dollar.


Unknown said...

Hi Heidi...what does wheatgrass juice do for you? I've always wondered. Im loving your art school drawings!

Elena said...

Banana sandwiches - really cheap and filling. Remember that veg place on about 18th and 6th? They had good cheap barley soup.

Joyce said...

I love the drawings on the napkins!

When my husband was going to college we ate many nights Kraft mac n' cheese and hamburger helper! Those were the days. (smile)

Bradford said...

free or cheap still IS key! the background of paired lines...