Thursday, February 26, 2009

Art School Sketchbook: Dot Zero Catalog

Another project from portfolio class, senior year: 
Design a Catalog for an existing store.

I chose a shop that was in the Flatiron building on 23rd street: Dot Zero. 
It was a haven for designers, and featured objects 
that were clever in design, function & form.
Sadly, the shop no longer exists.

As usual... it all began in my head & was transcribed to the notebook.
First I designed a logo and established the look that I wanted.
Then I did a page map, almost identical to the map that I would do for any catalog today.
I collected images that I liked from existing catalogs & magazines, 
found dummy text & began to layout the book.

I went through the whole cut, paste, & line-up with a t-square thing 
that I explained in yesterday's post. I did the photostats, touched them up,
and prepared to bind the whole thing together.

Except I didn't actually know HOW to bind it together.
Here's where the whole media-workshop- 
collective creative thang came in handy...

A few desks down, Scott was happy to help me, by drawing me this faboo diagram, 
right here in my Art School Sketchbook.
Isn't he awesome?!
Thanks Scott, wherever you are!!!!

Here's the aging, falling apart, finished piece:

Where you see spots of color, 
it means that those items were cut out from 
sources & then glued down over the black & white photostat.
Like these teapots, which were carefully cut with a sharp xacto blade.

...and the beige blankie & picnic basket.

It's ironic that years later, I was hired to design and redesign 
some of the very magazines that I stole pictures from for these projects.

I am so freaking grateful to be able to make my living doing something that I love.
And the cherry on the top of my cake?
I can do it right here from my desk at home.
Life is good.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow that turned out great, you are good at what you do and lucky to boot. Happy Thursday!

pve design said...

you are on on-the-dot designer.
was and always will be.

Joyce said...

Your work is amazing! You make dots come alive and dance on the pages. I love it! This is wonderful to find something you love, and do it from home. Enjoy! xoxo

we could grow up 2gether said...

how impressive

Elena said...

Wow. That is particularly striking and beautiful. You always find a way to squeeze maximum gorgousness out of concise design.

Unknown said...

oh heidi, wow! amazing. i especially love the cover and the dots on the inside cover and the tea pots. wow. double wow. you are so super uber duper talented and i am so glad that the world gets to enjoy your beautiful creations.

Leciawp said...

Beautiful work! And what more could a person want than to do work they love?

Jean Martha said...

I am tres jealous. I wish I could do that stuff.

Anonymous said...

do you miss drawing?

G-Ro said...

I remember that one! And I remember your graduating book, VERY labor intensive, and very gorgeous.