Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Bird and a Starfish

I'm one of those people who look for the symbolism in everything.... for example, squirrel road kill right in front of my path: "wrong decision ahead" or " it's SO not worth killing yourself for that damn nut."
     Today when I saw this lone sea gull proudly showing off a starfish in its beak, I instantly wondered what was up. (As an aside, I was walking past it with 2 other people, and neither one noticed. The fact that I SEE things like this all the time is a topic for a different day.)
     I went through the symbolic possibilities in my mind: "That check I've been waiting for is finally coming...."   Or  "My dead Mom is SO proud of me."   Or   " If you have a rare gift, you should flaunt it."  Or  "Remember when the kids used to watch 3 hours of Spongebob a day?"
     I could go on....


S said...

I love that photo!

G-Ro said...

it WILL. g_mo