Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shooting from the Hip: 12/12/10....

Or: House of The Spirits, Revisited

We went back to my favorite house last night for a holiday party.
This time, I only had my phone camera to shoot with.

The slight blur caught even more spirit, I think.
(I spy Pinky in the ball!)

Here's Magpie's bro looking very JT at the piano.
He & his friend played an impromptu concert in the library.
You can tell the books are listening.

I imagine that these same decorations appear in their places,
year after year, decade after decade.

The house was bursting with friends, family and neighbors.
There were children racing up and down the staircase,
belly-laughing in the kitchen, cats hiding in closets,
cookies in the dining room,
and whispering in the corners.

Thanks for having us, Magpie Family!


Magpie said...

Thanks, H - those are lovely & evocative photos. Glad you were there.

Pinky said...

Yes, lovely! What elegant friends you must have! :)