Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow Cone Taste-Test

This idea killed about 20 minutes of the snow day.
The winning flavors were:
1) Pumpkin Spice
2) Bosco/Coconut
3) Maple Syrup
4) Berry Smoothie/Cinnamon
5) Tequila/Lime


Elena said...

Curly "thing" photographs so much like you at her age it's just startling.

Any chance they spent the rest of the day doing a "no more snow dance"?

Jean Martha said...

I'd try the tequila...

Anonymous said...


Magpie said...

Tequila? Varmints drink tequila?

Cheryl said...

Fun! My Eleanor wanted to taste the yellow snow in our yard! This would be better. Hope you guys are doing ok in all that snow! Esp. after such a great week in CA! xx

G-Ro said...

Yeah, um, tequila? Lovin' that -- tequila fueled varmint rampage then NAP.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Look at your little doppelganger varmint! :-)

Did you salt the rims for the tequila ones?