Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FABOO Giveaway!

True confession:
For the past 3 months, I've been using my cellphone as a watch. 
It's now getting to the point where it's becoming an embarrassment, 
but here's my dilema: 
As a graphic designer, I'm pretty picky about watch design.
My watch needs to have a faboo face.
As a Virgo, I need a watch that has ALL the numbers on it. 1-12. 
No skipping.
And I want a NEW watch. No wrist goo from previous owners on ebay ;-)
As a pescatarian, I prefer no leather straps. 
Metal is ok, so is plastic, vinyl, rubber or fabric.
As a thrifty Mom of 3, I need a watch that's under $100, 
and DURABLE enough to withstand a full-on varmint attack.
As an old lady, I prefer analog. 
I can't help but see words in digital time... 
To me, 7:33 looks like EEL backwards and upside down. 
(and I wonder why I'm craving sushi.)

To Enter: Send me some watch links, 
in the comments section below 
for a chance to win one of these faboo lucite rings. 
First, Second and Third prize rings will go to the top 3 selections. 
Remember, the price limit is $100. 
Enter as many times as you like from now until 
friday 10/10 at 3pm est.
Good Luck... thanks in advance for your help!
Can't wait to see what my new watch will be!


Julia said...

Okay, darlin'! What do you think about this? You could wear it up or down, it has all the numbers and it's a price you can't beat!


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

You could always go the classic route with a swiss army watch!


Murray said...

My watch is totally awesome, meets ALL those requirements but is about eight years old and not to be found anywhere. If I had to buy a watch today however, this would probably be it:


Incidentally, I just saw, read, heard somewhere that watch sales are incredibly down thanks in large part to cell phones. It seems this "younger generation" would rather check their phone than their wrist. Somewhat upsetting to me. I just gave my daughter an old Swatch watch I've had since about 1985, it looks adorable on her and it's analog! Digital creeps me out, but I digress.

Happy shopping!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Fun!! OK:

Go to:http://www.transitmuseumstore.com/
And choose “watches” under “accessories” – online store is a bit wonky so I can’t get a direct link.




Elena said...


It has cats. It has numbers. No animals were harmed. I think its varmit-proof....


pve design said...

MOMA - M&Co. - One of my favorites is the one with only a number "5" - I think you could find a metal strap for it. I also like the one without any numbers.
Swatch cannot be beat.
Timex keeps a tickin.

An inexpensive kitchen timer works too. Ding!
I like the cell phone as a watch too.

Lucky said...

how did i miss that you made these rings?! i would *totally* wear that pink and green together stacked.